Mum left roaring with laughter as daughter gives baby brother a ‘thug makeover’

A woman left people in stitches after her daughter transformed her young son by giving him a forehead tattoo.

Mum Jordan left people doubled over after sharing the hilarious videos capturing her daughter’s efforts.

In the viral video, she can be heard suspiciously asking her daughter Joanna, who has already ‘inked’ herself: “What are you doing?”

Undeterred, the youngster starts counting down before she replies: “I’m putting tattoos on Mr Halen.”

Jordan focuses the camera on Halen, whose sister is holding a cold wet towel to his head in order to apply the tattoo.

The mum asks: “Halen, do you have any idea of what’s going on?” and the baby cracks a smile, blissfully unaware of the going-ons around him.

At this point, his sister proudly lifts the wet cloth off as their mum explains in mock horror “Oh my god, it’s a big one.”

Meanwhile, the baby looks pretty relaxed, despite his sister plastering a huge tattoo on his forehead.

Ever hopeful, Jo asks: “Should I put on some more?” but is stopped by her mum.

She proudly pulls off the covering to show off the huge tattoo which features a lovely bunch of flowers, while their mum roars with laughter.

In the background, their dad can be heard telling his daughter to not add any more tattoos, adding: “That one takes up like ten per cent of his body.”

He asks: “Joanna, didn’t mommy tell you that the other one was the last one?”, but the crafty youngster just replies: “Yes…for me.”

The video has been viewed more than ten million times since being shared on TikTok.

To mark the hilarious incident, the mum left the tattoo on overnight to surprise her mum – and she took some lovely photos.

In the comments, Jordan added: “My mom took the pic the next morning. Our friend had just given him the shirt and I dressed him in that and a beanie to surprise my mom.”

One person commented: “He didn’t choose the thug life, his sister chose it for him,” along with a laughing emoji.

Another replied: “I love her answer “it was the last one for me”. That child is learning semantics early.”

A third added: “Yes, for me,” kids always find loopholes.”

A fourth said: “I thought it was going to be a bunch of words, but when she pulled it off and it was flowers I lost it,” while another commented: “A thug makeover, I love it. The other kids will have to watch out at preschool.”

One viewer added: “I love that you didn’t get upset with her, that was a pretty wholesome moment and they’ll laugh in the future about it.”