Don’t be surprised if more trades happen today

A couple of trades happened on Sunday. More could happen today.

The first day of unofficial free agency quite often involves unofficial trades. Last year, for example, the Cardinals and Texans agreed to the deal that shockingly sent receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona — and in turn sparked the systematic disintegration of the Houston franchise — on the day that the free-agency tampering window opened.

As team explore their options for offseason upgrades, new players can be acquired via trades or free agency. For any trades that have been in the works, the poo-or-get-off-the-pot moment potentially arrives when the free-agency negotiation period launches. If a team is trying to trade for, for example, a receiver, that team has a chance to move on to available free agents, if the trade isn’t happening.

A couple of trades happened on Monday. Obviously, many are watching to see if the Texans will make another big trade.