Incredible doctor makes child feel so at ease they didn’t even flinch during jab

Taking an infant to see a doctor can be a very stressful experience for a parent – you can never be sure that your baby won’t spend the entire time screaming and it’s also horrible to see your little one feeling under the weather.

But one doctor has gone above and beyond to ensure his young patients and subsequently, their mum or dad, are at ease during their appointment.

A mum from New York named Chrissy Mariana recently took her daughter to see her GP where she needed an injection.

Following the jab, she took to TikTok to praise the medical professional for being so “great”.

In a clip which has been viewed over 41.2 million times, Chrissy is sat, wearing a face covering with her baby on her lap, holding her arms up in the air.

The doctor proceeds to sing nonsense and make funny sounds to entertain the child, booping her nose and tickling her sides gently.

He proceeds to gently tap her with the capped syringe he will use for the injection, to get her used to it so she’s not scared, all the while still singing.

When the time comes for the jab itself, the little girl doesn’t even flinch as the doctor does his job.

A voiceover in the video can be heard saying: “Watch my daughter not even flinch because of how great her doctor is.”

The clip was captioned: “No tears.”

It has since been liked more than nine million times and garnered over 58,000 comments with many also taking the time to praise the man for his efforts.

One person replied: “Those doctors are the doctors that should be working with children. It teaches them not to be scared.”

Another said: “Special place in heaven for doctors like this.”

A third wrote: “Okay but why couldn’t my doctor do this when I was a kid. I probably wouldn’t have a fear of shots if my doc had done this.”

“This is someone who loves their job,” proclaimed someone else.

Others joked that they wished they could get this kind of treatment when getting jabs as adults.